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A virtual filesystem built over 15 years!

News Flash...

  • A new code splash has been pushed to github converting the libferris suite over to using boost instead of loki and sigc++. This helps keep the API simple and makes the suite easier to use in other projects.
  • The DejaGnu test suite has been brought back into the github main ferris repository. This is in the lead up to having CI and "make test" run in the cloud for each new update.
  • A ferris 2.x release will be made once more testing of the port is performed. Some of the updates will also make the OSX build simpler, with an eye on drag and drop install without any other system changes being needed. Let us know if you are keen for an osx or windows build.
  • article gives an overview of what libferris can do for you.
  • Feel free to send in patches and/or have a chat with me over a beverage of choice at a Linux conference!
  • For current rolling news items, read the developer's blog for a closer look at news and upcoming features of libferris. Note that there is likely some electronics and robotics tinkering on that blog too. Ferris stuff should be tagged as such ;)

Please support the project

  •  Individual users can show support by making a small donation. Consider buying some more RAM, hard disk or part there of. You can also opt-in for behind the scenes email announcements showcasing new features and how to use them.
  • Companies can support the project while helping themselves in one of the many ways described in the libferris: support page.
  • Remember: if you want your data to be available in a way that libferris doesn't currently support, perhaps we do too!

Major recent news points:

  • GDrive mounting has been released.
  • libferris 1.2.7 will feature a new memory mapped metadata index engine. This engine includes a prefilter for searching for files by URL using a regular expression.
  • libferris 1.2.7 will feature three new audio metadata extractors. These new extractors will better support both metadata in Vorbis comment blocks in ogg and flac as well as metadata native to flac format.

Slightly older news points:

  •  Libferris has now been ported to the maemo platform, in particular the Nokia n8x0 hardware devices.
  • A package repository for Fedora 10 will soon be available! If you are looking for Ubuntu Intrepid packages then please consider making a donation to help with packaging.
  • Repositories for Fedora 8 and 9 as well as Ubuntu 7.10 gusty (both 32 and 64 bit) and openSUSE 10.3 (32 bit) are now available. You will have to select the right repository file for you arch, distro and version of choice. These are alpha quality packages in that not all of them have undergone rigorous system testing. Feedback / patches welcome.
  • rsync integration:
    $ rsync -avzX \
    postgresql://localhost/mydb/table1 \
  • Want to upload an image file to 23hq or flickr? No worries;
     ferriscp *.jpg 23hq://myusername/upload
    ferriscp gphoto://mycamera/*.jpg \

    Or mount via ferrisfuse and directly save from the gimp ;-) For more info, see the article.
  • See how to use libferris and XQuery at
  • Read the latest Linux Journal article and thepreviousones. See also the Linux Format article.
  • Need to leave the machine but not your current audio?
     ferriscp -av amarok://playlist/*.ogg \
    ferriscp -av xmms://playlist/ /my-portable-player

  • A custom version of redland is available from the download page which includes support for db4 database environments. It is highly recommended to use this version of redland with libferris for improved stability.
  • Key: 72094a4d267ed4b7c7a33792d68d6902