libferris: download

Where can I get this wonderful software?

Source Releases

Get the latest release at sourceforge.

Development source is on github.

There is also a graph showing build dependancies for making it all from source.

Binary Releases

Prebuilt packages favour recent Fedora machines simply because this is the Linux variant that I use. The packages made available here are intended to make installation of libferris easy. All the features of libferris will usually not be made available in order to keep dependencies low. If you are wishing to use a selection of features not available in the default offering consider setting up a support agreement to have libferris packaged for your distribution and preference.

I have also built libferris on a other distributions inside Xen virtual machines with no trouble. Similar light builds of libferris will become available for Debian and Suse over time. As the light builds are made available to the public for free they rely on voluntary donations to cover packaging time.

To install a light version of libferris using yum on Fedora 7 put the following into a file /etc/yum.repos.d/ferris.repo. You might have to enable the fedora develop repository as well.

name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - ferris

Once this is setup use the below package to install libferris and all of its dependencies. Expect to download about 25Mb from the ferris repository. Only the Fedora Core updates and extras repositories are required to install this build of libferris. One of the current downsides of this build is that you will have to disable SELinux to use libferris. This will be fixed in the future.

There are also some optional rpms in the repository, these are made optional so that a libferris-suite install will not pull in too many things from Core and Extras. Browse the above yum repo directory to see which optional packages are available.

setenforce 0
yum install libferris-suite

The features of the light build include the following.

Metadata support for:

  • Native kernel Extended Attributes
  • Image metadata with Imlib2, ImageMagick, png, jpeg, djvu, exif
  • XMP RDF metadata support
  • ID3 music tag support
  • Ability to store/load metadata for files in RDF/db

Support for mounting:

  • db4
  • XML and xsltfs://
  • PostgreSQL
  • Gphoto
  • tarballs
  • rpms
  • ssh
  • ftp and http
  • Eet
  • Emacs
  • Firefox
  • RDF/db and RDF/XML
  • sysV IPC

Also, enabled in the build is support for emblems, geotagging google earth integration (with some tinkering required) and SPARQL against personal RDF stores.

The main things that are not enabled are some of the plugins. As this is subject to change over time (as new plugins are added or more support is added to the rpms in the repository) the best way to tell what you are missing out on is to download the source tarball and look into plugins/context and plugins/eagenerators and check what is missing from the rpms.

In version 1.1.97 things that are disabled include extracting metadata from video files with Xine, and indexing with Xapian, Lucene or Beagle. The suggested backends for the binary release are the PostgreSQL fulltext indexing and metadata index ones.